Packaging Audit

Everybody loves to get a nicely wrapped parcel in the mail. With that in mind, I’ve been having a bit of a packaging audit lately - trying to decide what I like and don’t like about the packaging I have, and what is necessary and unnecessary. 

I don’t want to have too much packaging, but at the same time I want you to feel like you have something special in your hands when you open a parcel from Pretty Birds.

sticker dot stickers
So, I’ve been looking at different options.  During my online travels I had StickerDot get in touch about the sticker options they offer for custom paper stickers and decided to try some square paper stickers for sealing my mailer boxes.

I love my logo - designed by Disa from DisaE Design - so I’m really pleased when it’s shown off well with good quality printing - this is it printed on StickerDot’s matte paper stickers and the stickers show off my lovely logo perfectly.

Now I'm off to look for possible gift packaging - wish me luck :)

As always I hope you're well and thriving!



Logo design: DisaE Design -
StickerDot -

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