Finding the Right Ring Size

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I recently had a customer buy a ring as a gift for a family member and it made me realise it can be difficult to make sure you can order the correct size - whether it's for yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

As a maker, I really want to make sure I make it the correct size too, so I don't mind spending the extra time needed to make sure we get it right.

So how do we get the right size?
In New Zealand (and Australia and Great Britain), we use an A-Z scale to measure ring sizes. In the US and other countries it's a numerical scale. There are a couple of methods I have used with good results. Each method depends on what you have available to you at the time.

If you don't have a ring that fits on the finger you're buying a ring for:
  1. You can go to a jewellery store and ask them to measure your ring size. Be aware that some jewellery stores have their own sizing scales and this may not relate to anything outside of their company. Ask for NZ sizing in letters. 
  2. Or you can use a piece of paper to  measure your finger - there's a great wee video here on how to do that. Do it a couple of times to make sure you get it right. 
If you already have a ring that fits on the finger you're buying for:
  1. Measure the inside diameter of a ring that currently fits comfortably on the finger you're buying a ring for and note the diameter in millimeters and give me that number. 
  2. Or, go to and follow the instructions to get a ring size.  I've made a video below to help you out using the site.

These methods are mostly accurate - but there's always room for error. If you're unsure, go up in size and not down.

As always, I hope you're well and thriving. Connect with me on Facebook or Instagram to see the latest happenings.

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