About Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is a high quality material that is both durable and beautiful. I love the look and feel of it, and the timelessness of this ancient metal that makes jewellery able to be passed through the generations. 

The following are the materials commonly used in Pretty Birds Jewellery:

Sterling Silver or .925 Silver

Sterling silver is an alloy with another metal to give it strength as pure silver is very soft. Usually the mix is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% copper.  The addition of copper makes it stronger and gives it durability. 

This is the main material used in most Pretty Birds products, including chains.

Fine Silver

Fine Silver is 99% silver metal and I use it  for beads and other small embellishments in some pieces. It is very soft and therefore not great for use in jewellery that tends to get knocked around in everyday use, such as rings and bracelets. 

Gold-filled Sterling Silver

This is sterling silver that has been coated in a layer of 14K gold. It is a thicker coating than gold-plated items and lasts well.